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Haven Montessori School first and foremost is a community and this sense of community starts with our staff. Each staff member has been chosen for certain qualities which brings much strength to our community. The love of working with children is evident in everyone.

Staff, Haven Montessori School
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Montessori Guides

Our lead guides are certified Montessori guides with Bachelor’s Degrees and/or Master’s Degrees. The Montessori certification process trains the guides to observe the child as an individual and to follow that child’s needs and interests. Through such observation the “teacher” will guide the child to the appropriate material or lesson to expand on the child’s interest, or to be sure every curriculum area is being met without avoidance. Hence, our teachers are called guides and can be seen as the link for the child to the materials and concepts in the classroom awakening the inner drive to learn more and in doing so, the child learns to love the process of learning.


Staff, Haven Montessori School

Jen Ernst

Assistant Director
Staff, Haven Montessori School

Cristy Zeller

Executive Director

Elementary School Staff

Staff, Haven Montessori School

Kim Avery

Upper Elementary Guide (Ponderosa)
Staff, Haven Montessori School

Sarah campbell

Lower Elementary Guide (Maple)
Staff, Haven Montessori School

Kendra Hermann

Lower Elementary Guide (Willow)

Elementary School Assistants

Sophia Marshall

Assistant (Ponderosa)

Angela Mazzi

Assistant (Willow

Sam Pallack

Assistant (Maple)

Primary School Staff

Primary School Assistants

Dylan Willett

Assistant (Blue Spruce)

heather Vrieswyk

Assistant (Aspen)

Toddler & Nido (Infant) Staff

Staff, Haven Montessori School

Beth Wetzel

Guide (Juniper)
Staff, Haven Montessori School

Brena Kee

Lead Infant Guide (Honey Locust)

Toddler & Infant Assistants

leia linkowski

Assistant (Pinyon)

Kyla Sourbeck

Assistant (Juniper) 

Katy Pawlick

Assisstant (Honey Locust)

Before/Aftercare • Rotating Assistants • Substitutes

Infant Beforecare: Brena Kee
Toddler/Primary Beforecare: Heather Vriewsyk, Leia Linkowski, and Emma Zimmer
Elementary Beforecare: Angela Mazzi
Infant Aftercare: Katy Pawlick
Toddler Aftercare: Kyla Sourbeck and Rotating Assistant

Primary Aftercare: Dylan Willett, Tatum Sampson, and Mali Engalthaler
Elementary Aftercare:
Sam Pallack and Sophia Marshall
Rotating Assistant/Academic Support: Tatum Sampson
Substitute Assistants: Tyrell Blaquemoss, Amy Lipschultz, Bethany Pedata, Laura Quinnelly, and Kailey Sammons
Rotating Elementary Assistant/Academic Support: Tatum Sampson


Acedemic Support Staff

Staff, Haven Montessori School

Sherri Corcoran

School Counselor
Staff, Haven Montessori School

Jen Ernst

Speech Pathologist
Staff, Haven Montessori School

Laura Nie

Reading Specialist
Staff, Haven Montessori School

Kara Rice

Occupational Therapist
Staff, Haven Montessori School

Emma Zimmer

Special Education Teacher